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Noam Analytics will help you take decisions based on trends visible through data.

Exit Management

Attrition of employees may be inevitable at times, but it is always better to understand the trend to control undesirable attrition. Noam provides detailed analysis, report and solutions to handle the issue of employees exiting the firm.

Workforce Analytics

Noam understands the importance of workforce efficiency and effectiveness. With various aspects related to organization’s success like employee job satisfaction, employees’ probability to excel and finding future leaders, Noam provides exhaustive analysis for managing and improving workflow and business process.

Business Sustainability Score

Noam helps businesses to find out how sustainable their new or existing business venture is. By focusing on business feasibility, risks and ROI to outperform the inflation-adjusted-Market return, Noam calculates and analyses Sustainability score.

Value Perception Score

With the fast-changing environment, it is very important to know how the clients/customers value your services/products. Noam provides analytical solution to this with its deep industrial understanding and customer-focused approach by finding Value Perception Score and help take corrective actions for better results.

Employee Engagement Studies

For an organization to perform at its best, it is crucial that its employees are engaged to their job and work-environment. Noam Employee Engagement Score Calculator will help you find the level of engagement, satisfaction, involvement and commitment your employees have.

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