Business Advisory


Business Advisory


Advisory Consulting

Noam offers strategic advisory services across industries in aspects like organizational, functional, operational and human capital to help businesses grow and achieve success. We assist in driving performance for businesses in the following areas:

Business vision, mission and values articulation

Strategic Planning through business scorecards

Performance Management System

Action planning and ring-fencing plans

Organization structuring & Change management

Employee stock option scheme design

Compensation & Incentive Design

Productivity Consulting

Noam’s processes aid in driving Business ROI by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your resources. To eliminate wastage of time, people, money, energy, equipment, space and materials, we help organizations in:

Manpower Optimization

Process Definition/Redesign

Diagnostic Consulting

Noam diagnostic tools aim to establish a deep understanding of your organizational situation by adopting root-cause analysis outlook in the consulting process. We create value for you through:

Engagement studies

Exit Management

Manpower Auditing

Job Evaluation

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